Why We Got Started

Welcome to VHE, where our goal is in our name, Very High Experiences. This is both literal and figurative. We want to live life on the next level, mentally and physically. 

"How do we plan on doing this" you must be wondering? Thanks for asking! 

Mentally it's pretty easy to elevate your experiences ;) We have tasty gummies, and more products otw. You can feel amazing about yourself, because every mental experience we provide takes us a step closer to the physical difference, which is where we can change the world together :)

Physically is where it gets harder, and will take us some time. Everything made from plastic and wood can be replaced with hemp! You might be thinking, "wow thats amazing why hasnt it been done yet?" That's what I've been asking since 2014 when I discovered hemp fiber on youtube. The answer comes down to cost. Factories are needed to process the raw hemp into useable material, and then more factories are needed to turn the material into real products. Hemp has only been legal again (it used to be our country's main crop) for 4 years, and it takes time for factories to be built. Once they are built, the limit is our imagination, and we look forward to making the the world a cleaner better place, together. 

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